Some businesses, large or small, appointing chaplains for their staff or clientele. Services provided may include employee assistance and counselling services; wellness seminars; conflict management and mediation; leadership and management development; and trauma/serious incident response.


The Counselling Service is available to all Employee and members of the community. The Counselling Service is there to provide confidential help and support. We aim to help employees cope more effectively with pathway development and personal or emotional difficulties that may arise during their time at work or at home. 

Wellness Seminars & Response

Wellness Seminars and Health Lectures are a great way to promote healthy habits in your workplace. Our seminars and lectures are presented by registered nurses in the comfort of your office. Not only do employees enjoy an interactive and informative 45 minute presentation on the topic of your choosing; they will be able to ask questions during the Q&A period. In addition, your employees are more than welcome to contact the presenters following the seminar to have more personal issues addressed.

  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
  • Medical Emergencies/ visitations
  • Communicable Diseases and Prevention
  • Trauma Response

What is Conflict Management?

Conflict management refers to techniques and ideas designed to reduce the negative effects of conflict and enhance the positive outcomes for all parties involved. Conflict resolution can be an aim of conflict management but not all conflict management techniques or styles have conflict resolution as the ultimate target as it may not be feasible.

Leadership and Management Development

When the subject of great leadership is raised in conversation, opinions range from misty-eyed memories of a great sports coach, to visions of Moses, leading his people into the Promised Land. Somewhere in the middle falls grateful acknowledgement of a manager who inspired and guided our progress in work or some other aspect of life.

If recent corporate history has taught us anything, it is that we are fallible beings, capable of rationalising a definition if it suits our purposes. At its heart, leadership is amoral and no intelligent discussion of the subject can proceed outside the context of ethics, character and accountability. Leadership has the potential to marshal exceptional achievement and individual and group commitment, but it can also be manipulative and/or self-serving.