EurasConsulting was established in 2007, doing my stay in Beijing, China. Only one year and fife month to the Opening sounds of the 2008 Olympics.

My friend William Mao helped me to develop a 1200 questionnaire handbook for Hotels and Restaurants, to evaluate and train our clients employees, to receive guest from all over the world.

We served the hospitality industry from 2007 to 2013, in this period we had the honour to be involved in Beijing Westin Hotel, Legendale Hotel, The Emperor Hotel, The Presidential, London Bridge Coffee, Kasbar Restaurant, Red Pepper Steak House , Manila Crown Plaza and Bahay ni Tuding.

End of 2013, EurasConsulting, was put on hold, do to personal reasons. I still use today its wast collection on SOP's, Manuals, to help businesses related to hospitality, to become aware that God is in control. Today EurasConsulting is not charging our services, but encourage our clients, partners in Christ, to support people in need and develop them to become leaders for Christ.

With no price tag for the services rendered, we are praying for the generosity of our Clients.