Good day, 

my name is Tim Fischer, I am the founder of EurasConsulting. There is no particular reason why your company need someone like me or anyone with a distinguished skill from our team. We are not in control of the world surrounding us!

After I understood that I am not important on my own doing, I started trusting in God, the one in the Holy Bible, I'm telling you that, to eliminate confusion. 

This Consulting Firm is driven by people, who are able to give up there lives to Christ Jesus, and let the Holy Spirit guide their action.

I would like to ask you one question, 
Are you in control?

If you can answer this question with Yes!, please do not contact us. 

But if you answer with NO!, we are more than happy to pray with you, find solutions where God is first and the actions are driven by the Holy Spirit!

You may visit our services section on this website to learn more in what field of business out team is most effective for your needs.


Have a Blessed Day, Week, Month ahead